The Team

the team

The EnTrac team is comprised of three sustainably conscious individuals who have a strong desire to see, and be part of, meaningful social, economic and environmental change in their lifetime.

Marc and Dani are nearing completion of their MBAs, working on several consulting projects that have helped shape their approach towards innovative solutions, teamwork, management structure and market insights. Building on their innate creativity and imagination, their MBA has fostered an awareness and appreciation in corporate social responsibility and sustainably . Marc Settino has an extensive background in understanding Social Innovation and IT Project Management. While Dani Zeiter has a strong background in Project Strategy and Accounting.

Joe Zeiter has been a serial entrepreneur for many years, starting a restaurant from scratch in Costa Rica, where he gained first-hand experience of the struggles entrepreneur must endure. Joe has learnt to navigate the local laws and market pressures, as well as negotiated with suppliers all while building a strong customer base. His recent tech project was built with limited funding and lots of time, patience and perseverance.

In summary Joe Zeiter cannot take no for an answer, Marc Settino’s passion and drive motivates his every action, and Dani Zeiter always sees the opportunity in any situation. This is the team that will drive EnTrac into becoming a force for sustainable change in Ontario.